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DEC. 7, 2002

by Sissy Maid Stephanie

Some may remember the date as the “day which will live in infamy”, well this time it was the second “meeting” of the Manhattan Tea Society.  This is a society founded in the Fall, 2002 by Miss Jenn ( of New York City.  The purpose is to have ladies afternoon teas served by Sissy Maids to amuse the ladies.  The first tea was held in Miss Jenn’s small apartment for four ladies with four sissies tending to their needs - one sissy for each lady!  It is an afternoon of relaxation, good food and relaxation for a group of ladies.  The atmosphere is disciplined, but informal at the same time.

The second tea of the Manhattan Tea Society was held at a location called “Fair Play” on Staten Island.  Master Rain, the owner of this establishment very generously gave this facility to us for this activity.

Miss Jenn and myself came to Fair Play on Friday afternoon to clean up and arrange things for the tea.  After that, I drove Miss Jenn back to the city and assisted her in completing the baking and other food preparation for the tea.

The tea was supposed to begin at 4:00 PM.  Miss Jenn, myself and the five other sissies arrived around 1:00 PM in order to complete the set-up and food preparation.  The room we used is on the third floor of Fair Play and has a view of the Verrazano Bridge, a pretty location as darkness came over the landscape and the lights of the bridge twinkled in the distance.

The Sissy service staff included myself, Sissy Steffie (from Boston), Sissy Maid Michelle (from Philadelphia), Maid Vicky Lynn, and a second Sissy Maid Michelle (from Fair Play).  When we arrived, we set the table with the tea service and pretty napkins.  A centerpiece of a red candle and nice flowers were a reminder of the season.

After we set the table, we started on the small sandwiches.  We made cucumber sandwiches which include thin slices of seedless cucumber on buttered thin sliced white bread.  After the sandwiches were made we cut off the crust and cut them into small triangles.  The other items on the menu were already made so there was nothing else to prepare.

By 2:30, all the Maids were dressed and we stood in a row for Miss Jenn to perform an inspection and give other directions concerning the tea and the proper service.  Miss Jenn was very thorough, checking stocking seams and even asking the sissies to lift their skirts to inspect their panties.  Some sissies wore a bell suspended on a ribbon and Miss Jenn checked to make sure that this was properly tied and pretty, as appropriate for a sissy.  Miss Jenn’s directions were really quite simple.  The Sissy Maid staff were to be efficient, but not heard.  There was not to be any talking or discussion among the sissyies.  The only time they were to speak was if they were directly spoken to by a lady.  Also, I was the Head Sissy Maid and if there was any concerns, they were to be relayed to me and I would make the appropriate decision or communicate any required information to our hostess, Miss Jenn.  Before we were dismissed from this inspection, we were given our assignments.  Since we had two kinds of teas, two sissies were assigned tea pots to be sure that the ladies’ tea cup was always full and she would not have to ask for more tea.  The others were to serve the food.

Oh yes, Miss Jenn’s husband was dressed in black with a nice top hat and served as the door man.  He remained on the ground floor to answer the door, welcome the ladies and show them to the room on the third floor.  Mr. Heow is wonderful and is much appreciated by the Manhattan Tea Society.

After this inspection and final instructions, the sissies busied themselves with the tasks at hand.  Some went downstairs to the kitchen to start the water for tea and others placed food on trays for service.

There were a total of eight ladies who had responded that they were coming for tea.  The ladies began to arrive promptly at 4:00 and took a seat at the table.  The were offered tea and once they selected the kind they wanted, that sissy had to remember which lady had which tea.

About 4:15, The Sissy Maid Staff was instructed to line up for proper introductions to the ladies.  Each Sissy Maid introduced herself and curtsied for the ladies, who sometimes commented on a sissies appearance.  After the introductions, I announced that there would be two courses served, a “savoury” and a “sweet” course.  I also pointed out that all the food was personally prepared by our hostess, Miss Jenn.  The “savoury” course included scones with a variety of jams, date nut bread with cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches on white bread.  After I announced this, the sissies with these trays circulated around the table and offered the ladies their choice.  Over the period of about 45 minutes, three rounds were made of the table with this course.  At this time Miss Jenn signalled to me that it was time for the second course.

I announced that the “sweet” course would also include three items, all prepared by Miss Jenn.  This included a variety of cookies and small cakes with candy placed in bowls on the table.  The sissies made three rounds with trays of the “sweet” course while the two sissies assigned to pour tea continued their job as well.

During this entire time, the ladies continued a delightful conversation of a variety of topics.  The sissies quietly made the rounds of the table and did whatever was requested by the ladies.  When they were not busy doing something, they stood with their hands together on their apron around the room being attentive to the needs of the ladies.  It was a very colorful array of uniforms including pink, blue, red and traditional black and white.  It certainly was quite an interesting sight.

After the third “round” of the “sweet” course, Miss Jenn requested that the Sissy Maids stand in line again for inspection.  Once again, we introduced ourselves and presented the best curtsy we could.  One lady asked permission to inspect the sissies further.  She asked each one to come to her, hold up her skirts and petticoats so that she could inspect the sissy panties and, if appropriate, the bow and bell.  The ladies seemed to have a good time with this, as did the Sissies also!

Well, the ladies continued to drink tea and chat while the sissies stood around the room.  No more food was desired because everyone was satisfied, but the feeling was so wonderful and relaxed, no one wanted to stop the conversation.  Finally, around 7:00 (3 hours after the start) a lady said that she had to move on to make her evening engagement and the tea started to break up.  The Sissies helped the ladies with the coats and walked each of them to the front door to see them out.

After everyone left, the sissy maid staff spent the next half hour returning the facility to the way it was originally found.  This included sweeping and washing the floor. 

The Manhattan Tea Society wishes to thank Master Rain and Fair Play for allowing us to use his lovely facility. This facility includes a complete beauty salon, clothing store and transformation salon.  Please visit their website;